Why Now?

Up to 60% of the technical sales and service workforce is turning over in the next 10 years.

Are you prepared..

  • When veteran techs retire?
  • To put more techs through training?
  • To train millennials?
  • To train globally?
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Interplay’s Technical Training Platform is your scalable solution for efficient delivery of manufacturer-specific on-the-job knowledge.
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Interconnecting video, simulation and in-the-field procedure apps, Interplay is the first training management system designed with the field technician in mind.

Systematize Your Training

Give your distributors and workforce the right tools. Interplay integrates your training to the digital world:

  • Capture Experiential Knowledge
  • Mobile First Training
  • In the Field Applications
  • Data Driven Analysis
  • Customer Feedback Loops


Increase Productivity:

Help techs make better and faster decisions.

Drive Bottom Line Results:

Train more people at a lower cost.
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Reduce Risk:

Certify techs for warranty coverage and compliance.

Amplify Your Training With Simulation

Technicians need skills fast. Mimic field training in a fraction of the time. As an award-winning simulation development company, we can deliver the next generation of technical learning.


Efficient and Effective:

Long proven in military, medical and aviation, there is no better way to learn technical skills fast.
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Deliver training to new techs or teams across the world at a fraction of the cost.
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Next-gen Approved:

Millennials are your future workforce. Go to where they are. Get interconnected and get digital.


Associate your brand with the latest in technical advancement.

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A Snapshot Case Study

Carrier Corporation needed to provide consistent technical training on their newest heat pump technology. With more than 9,000 dealers and tens of thousands of techs, how could they possible do this at scale?

Only one way... Online 3D simulation.

Interplay is developing a robust installation and troubleshooting simulation that will be delivered across the country and the world to the Carrier network of technicians. Interplay will provide all platform services including assessment, trackability and in-the-field procedure apps.

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We are a software company, but we believe nothing happens until two curious people have a discussion. We want to learn about your company’s needs, and we want you to learn more about how we approach training. At least, we will both leave the call having learned something, and potentially, we might be on a path to helping your company, your employees, or your partners become better at their job.

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